DiscovAR - AR Viewer

The Augmented Reality Viewer/App for the automotive industry.



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What is possible to augment with DiscovAR?

The AR Viewer can be used in any scenario that includes one image trigger (any picture as long as it is static) and a source material.
Source Material can be the following:

  1. Pictures
  2. Videos - Fullscreen, In-Lay or via external Link (Youtube, Vimeo, Website)
  3. Buttons (with Weblinks/Email/Phone)
  4. Static 3D Models (no animations supported yet)

Demos and Use Cases

Try it out yourself. Just download the app (see above) and scan one of our demo triggers.

Typical use cases can be (but not limited to it):

  • Virtual business cards ("stand out from the mass")
  • Videos on print-ads ("revive print media")
  • 3D models of the car on top of print brochures ("the car is alive")
  • Buttons for weblinks on print material ("track & shorten the customer journey")
  • Analytics ("track and see how efficient your print ads are")
  • 2nd screen on TV ("more interaction with TV commercials")
  • 3D Mascots ("emotional bonding with customers")
  • Logo enhancement ("additional information for your brand logo")
  • Mechanical Instructions ("scan the engine and get instructions / training")
  • Virtual salesman ("get an AR assistant for your showroom")

Key Facts and Predictions regarding AR

~132% growth / year of users in the next four years. With the arrival of more and more AR apps, customers will expect companies to adapt AR into their daily business.[1,2]

Key facts regarding Augmented Reality[2]

  • The most famous AR app so far (Pokemon Go) boosted Nintendo stocks by 20%. In its peak it had 45 million active users per day
  • 135% increase in value perception. AR has a very positive effect on value perception
  • 864 million smartphones have AR technology enabled
  • By 2020 103 million automobiles will contain AR technology
[1] Statista 2019, Consumer spending on augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) content and apps worldwide from 2016 to 2021 (in million U.S. dollars)
[2] https://www.thedigitalmarketingbureau.com/augmented-reality/facts-augmented-reality, 25.6.2019



Feel free to shoot us a message if you have any open questions. The typical order process goes as follows:

  • Phase 1 - Free Idea Evaluation

    We will schedule a call to discuss your ideas and if they are able to be implemented in DiscovAR

  • Phase 2 - Order Submission

    Default rate: 600,-Euro per Use Case
    Price is subject to change depending on the effort needed

  • Phase 3 - Two Changes free of charge

    If your idea did not turn out as planned we offer two changes free of charge. An usual implementation of a use case takes about 1-2 weeks


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